The Teacher First Program®

What is it & How does it work?

As a former Teacher in the Park Hill School district I wanted to make sure I could help those that I thought needed it the most.  When designing The Teacher First Program®, I wanted to make sure that all teachers in the Northland were given the education and understanding of what it takes to purchase a home.  We designed this program to make the act of purchasing a home as convenient and easy as possible.   While this Home buying program was designed for Teachers, it extends to all Family, as well as anyone referred by a Northland Teacher.

What makes this different?

If you purchase a home with this program or refer someone who does 5% of the earned commission will be donated to the school/school district of your designation.  In addition, we are offered classroom supplies to those teachers who use this program.  


Assuming, you meet this most basic qualification then click below to apply today!